Virtual National Conference cum offline Hands on Workshop
Responsible Forensic Practice: From Hospital to Courtroom
Organized by
Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology,
Medico-legal Association of Puducherry (MLAP)
4 credit hours for conference
2 credit hours for workshop
19th, 20th April 2023 - Online Conference
21th April 2023- Hands-on offline Workshop


Forensis 2023 – The ultimate virtual national conference and hands-on workshop for healthcare professionals, legal experts, and researchers!

Join us for three days of knowledge exchange, networking, and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. With a wide range of topics like “Silent Call of a Survivor of Violence”, “Keynote Address on Medical Negligence”, “Court’s expectation from Doctors”, and many more, this conference is designed to cater to all interests.

What sets Forensis 2023 apart is the hands-on training workshops on toxicology, traumatology, sexual offense, and autopsy, providing a unique opportunity to enhance your expertise and skills.

Attendees can benefit from listening to eminent speakers in the field, sharing their insights and experiences with you. Whether you’re a medicolegal expert, medical student, faculty, legal professional, or police official, Forensis 2023 is a must-attend conference!

Additionally, don’t miss the chance to network with other professionals in the field and exchange ideas with peers from across the country. Register now to join this prestigious event!



Identify common poisonous plants, seeds and snakes.


Describing injuries, preparing an accident registry/MLC and framing opinion concerning injury.

Sexual Offense

Framing a provisional and final opinion for a survivor of sexual offense.


Demonstration of relevant postmortem changes.

Listen to

Eminent Speakers

Plenary session bringing experts from Medical, Legal & Government consultants under one roof.

Do not miss the opportunity. Hurry and register now.

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Who can Attend

  • Medicolegal Experts
  • Postgraduates (all specialities)
  • Undergraduates including CRMIs
  • Members from the Judiciary
  • Medicolegal Researchers
  • Legal Experts
  • Police Officials
  • Faculty in Modern Medicine
  • Dental Doctors

Welcome to the conference

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